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Three common failures and troubleshooting methods of tractors

High pressure oil pipe is worn and leaked If the connection between the protruding head of the tractor's high-pressure oil pipe and the fuel injector and the oil outlet valve is worn and leaked, you can cut a round copper sheet from the waste cylinder gasket and tie a small hole in the middle of the grinding pad between the convex pits. Meet the urgent need Sudden fuel shortageInsufficient fuel supply during tractor operation, such as exhausting air, replacing the plunger, and the fuel injection nozzle, is still not effective, that is, the small steel ball in the fuel injection needle ejector rod of the fuel injector is eccentrically worn and the fuel injection cannot be atomized. At this time, a small steel ball should be replaced or a bicycle flywheel steel ball should be used instead.3. Steering wheel shaking, front wheel swingingThe phenomenon of steering wheel shaking and front wheel shaking is mainly caused by improper positioning of the front wheel and the too small caster angle of the kingpin. In the absence of instrument testing, try to plug a wedge-shaped iron plate at the rear end of the leaf spring and the front axle support plane to make the front axle rotate backward and increase the caster angle of the kingpin to return to normal after trial operation.4. Automatically skip gears after shiftingThe phenomenon of automatic gear skipping after shifting in tractor operation is mainly caused by the wear of the fork shaft groove, the weakening of the fork spring, and the excessive gap between the connecting rod joints. At this time, it is necessary to repair the positioning groove, replace the fork spring, and reduce the gap of the connecting rod joint to ensure the normal speed change.5. Poor oil pump performanceTo solve the problem of poor performance of the oil pump after overhaul or overhaul, the oil pump does not come up when the locomotive is started for the first time. The oil filter or oil outlet pipe can be removed and then filled with oil from the oil outlet of the engine body with an oiler. When the indicator oil pipe is activated, the oil will be pumped

Causes and measures of common failures of agricultural machinery

In the actual use of agricultural machinery, if there is a certain deviation between the actual construction state and the original design state, a failure will occur, and the entire machine cannot continue to work or some functions cannot be realized, which will make it practical. Production is affected to a certain extent. However, in the process of actual work, it is inevitable that certain wear and circuit problems will occur between the machines. The long-term component friction will cause the gap and position between the different components to be misaligned, resulting in the machine cannot be used normally. . According to actual experience, we only need to analyze the problems caused by the use of machinery from two aspects. The first is from a subjective point of view, that is, whether the use of farmers is standardized, etc., and the second is the working environment of agricultural machinery and the actual skills of maintenance personnel. , These include the temperature and vibration of mechanical work. According to the current actual use of agricultural machinery, the most common causes of failures in the current use of common agricultural machinery are: operator's illegal work, mechanical parts wear, corrosion and aging, and parts wear, agricultural machinery electrical fault lights. 1. 1 Operation and maintenance personnel operate in violation of regulations Before the actual use of agricultural machinery, most users did not receive professional training and did not understand the maintenance methods of agricultural machinery. Therefore, in their actual use, they did not avoid the matters that need to be paid attention to during the relevant operation. Some parts with strong wear and tear have not been maintained, causing wear and fatigue damage to some parts of the components. 1. 2 Wear of mechanical parts In the actual work process, in most cases, farmers do not consider the actual farming situation of the agricultural machinery more carefully. Therefore, it often occurs that the load is exceeded, which makes the agricultural machinery overloaded during use. This way It will make the wear between its components more serious, especially in gears and other parts, which will be severely worn after being subjected to a long-term overload, which will affect its normal use to a certain extent. 2. 1 Strengthen the lubrication and maintenance of parts 2 Prevention and maintenance methods of agricultural machinery failures During the actual operation of agricultural machinery, the wear between its different components is very serious. Therefore, in order to avoid the failure of agricultural machinery due to friction problems as much as possible, it is necessary to carry out a certain amount of lubrication and maintenance to make it more frictional. The powerful part can reduce the actual amount of wear as much as possible, so that the service life of the agricultural machinery can be extended to a certain extent. In the process of lubrication and maintenance, attention should be paid to the selection of the quality of its lubricating oil. The brand and quality of the lubricating oil should be selected according to the actual agricultural machinery used. In different seasons, the choice of lubricants should also be different. In order to make the lubricating oil contain no impurities, it should be allowed to stand still within 24 hours before use, and when the bearing of the agricultural machinery has been used for one year, in order to make the internal lubrication work more in place, It needs to be disassembled and lubricated when the bearing is intact. During the lubrication process, dust and fine particles from the outside should be avoided as much as possible.