Strength Highly adapted agricultural machinery to help global agricultural development

Strength Highly adapted agricultural machinery to help global agricultural development


Strength Highly adapted agricultural machinery to help global agricultural development

Strength Highly adapted agricultural machinery to help global agricultural development


In 2013, the global agricultural machinery output value was 172.7 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2018 the output value reached 216 billion U.S. dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 7.0%. Developing countries such as China, India and Brazil have actively promoted agricultural mechanization in recent years, and the demand for agricultural machinery will grow at a considerable rate in the future.


The current trends in the global agricultural machinery industry are as follows:

1. The global agricultural labor force has decreased, and the demand for agricultural mechanization has greatly increased;

2. Under global competition, consumers value branded manufacturers, products with high durability and low prices;

3. In recent years, the awareness of environmental protection has risen, and the EU has also strictly controlled the emissions of agricultural machinery;


At present, the main agricultural machinery in the world are: field machinery (tractors, tillers, etc.), management machinery (cultivation management machines, sprayers, lawn mowers, etc.), irrigation systems, harvesting machinery (vegetable harvesters, combine harvesters, etc.), As well as post-harvest machinery (dryers, sorting machines, etc.), the selection and frequency of use of these agricultural machinery often depend on the cultivation methods, planting environment, and production scale of the crops. Therefore, the total output of global agricultural machinery is in line with peoples The demand for crops is closely related.


The number of people will directly affect the supply and demand of crops. Changes in crop demand will affect the utilization rate of agricultural machinery, and the utilization rate of agricultural machinery will affect the scale and development of manufacturers and industries. At present, the food problem is more prominent, the demand for agricultural machinery is strong, and the market prospect is broad. The market demand for agricultural machinery tends to be durable, highly adaptable, intelligent, and environmentally friendly. As a veteran intelligent machinery company, Strength has developed and manufactured agricultural machinery with 50 years of design experience and technology precipitation. It has leading technology, excellent quality, good performance, and high adaptability. It is known for its intelligence and green environmental protection.

Origin of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in the production process of crop planting and animal husbandry, as well as the initial processing and treatment of agricultural and livestock products. Agricultural machinery includes agricultural power machinery, farmland construction machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, plant protection machinery, farmland irrigation and drainage machinery, crop harvesting machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural transportation machinery.


The origin of agricultural machinery can be traced back to the era when primitive society used simple agricultural tools. In China, during the Yangshao culture period of the Neolithic Age (about 5000 to 3000 BC), there was a primitive arable land tool-Lei Lei. Copper plowshares were used for cattle farming in the 13th century BC. By the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period in the 3rd century BC, there were a series of iron and wooden farm tools such as arable land, planting, harvesting, processing and irrigation.


Around 90 BC, Zhao Guo invented the three-line drill, the three-line drill, whose basic structure is still used today. By the 9th century, an animal-powered plow with a fairly complete structure had been formed. In ancient books such as "Qi Min Yao Shu" (about 540), "Lei Lei Jing" (about 880), Wang Zhen's "Nongshu" (about 1310), "Tiangong Kaiwu" (1637) and other ancient books, the agricultural production of various periods The various machinery and tools used in it are well documented. In the West, the original wooden plough originated in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and iron ploughshares were used around 1000 BC.


The 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century was the era of the development and large-scale use of new animal farm machinery. In 1831, American C.H. McCormick created a successful horse-drawn harvester. The first horse-drawn grain combine appeared in 1836. From 1850 to 1855, grain planters, lawn mowers and corn planters were manufactured and promoted successively. At the beginning of the 20th century, tractors powered by internal combustion engines began to gradually replace livestock, and were widely used as traction power for various field operations and used to drive various fixed agricultural machinery.


In the late 1930s, British H.G. Ferguson created a successful tractor's farm implement suspension system, which made the tractor and farm implements form a whole, greatly improving the use and operation of the tractor. The suspension system of farm implements controlled by hydraulic system also makes the manipulation and control of farm implements lighter and more flexible. The agricultural machinery matched with the tractor gradually shifts from the traction type to the suspension type and the semi-suspension type, which reduces the weight of the agricultural machinery and simplifies the structure. Since the 1940s, grain combine harvesters in European and American countries have gradually changed from traction to self-propelled. In the 1960s, harvesting machinery for fruits and vegetables was developed. Since the 1970s, electronic technology has been gradually applied to the monitoring and control of the operation process of agricultural machinery, and has gradually developed in the direction of automation of the operation process.


It can be seen that China is the originator of the development of agricultural machinery, and Strength, as the leader of Chinas intelligent machinery, is also in an international leading position in agricultural machinery manufacturing technology. It has customers all over the world, has a number of patented technologies and successful cases, and has used Strength agricultural machinery. Customers claim that Strength agricultural machinery can increase work efficiency by 50% and reduce labor costs by 60%. It is a truly intelligent, green, and high-performance product.


Landtop agricultural machinery brand

The Landtop agricultural machinery brand under Strength, with the purpose of "solving global agricultural problems and maximizing the value of agricultural production", focuses on providing one-stop solution design, production and distribution for modern agriculture, covering tractors, harvesters, and dryers , Economic crop machinery and other product lines. Focus on building intelligent agricultural equipment, management systems and modern agricultural technical services, and realize precision agriculture through high-tech methods such as automation, intelligence, unmanned, and data informatization, so that agricultural machinery has a stronger configuration, efficient and convenient use experience.


Through the development and production of intelligent agricultural machinery and the provision of production solutions, the unmanned, visualized, and efficient management of farms will be realized. In the future, smart agriculture will be further built, and intelligent systems will be used to collect and analyze farm work data to create high efficiency, low cost, and sustainability. , A more environmentally friendly farm management system, production of safer and healthier crops, changing the future of agriculture.


Establish strategic cooperation with YTO, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Lovol, Dongfeng and other top domestic and overseas well-known companies to help farms increase productivity and profitability, reduce labor costs, achieve sustainable development of agricultural production, and solve grain, aging, and Resources and environmental protection issues. Discover the harmony between nature, humans and machines, and help the development of agriculture to realize a prosperous and harmonious human society.


Landtop agricultural machinery high adaptability

LANDTOP is a leader in the field of intelligent agricultural machinery. Intelligent agricultural machinery includes tractors, harvesters, dryers, cash crop machinery, etc., which not only have distinctive appearance, but also have powerful functional configurations, good human-machine coordination and high adaptability.


Pay attention to user experience, driving and riding, operability, comfort, etc. are impeccable, allowing customers to obtain a sense of pleasure and excitement in the operation process, very user-friendly, with a high degree of adaptability of man-machine integration And strong coordination.


Possess excellent site adaptability. Our agricultural machinery allows farmers to cultivate in sloping fields without holding the steering wheel. The rice transplanter with straight line function and the tractor equipped with automatic steering improve the actual use accuracy and are equipped with a support system.


Pay attention to operational safety. The whole process of visual supervision ensures production quality, management efficiency and operational safety, which is more efficient and safer than manual operation. Significantly improve the safety of agricultural machinery driving, reduce the accident rate, and improve the efficiency of agricultural production.


Feature and advantage of agricultural machinery


1.Strong configuration and power


lt is equipped with quality National Emission Standardll engine, with strong power, high reliatility and large torque reserve coefficient


8F+8Rshutfe ype gear(8F+ 2R is for your option) is adopled for he gearbox, with reasorable speed malchirg, nigh operation eficency and favarable fueleconomicefficiency.


Refor ced front drive axde with robust bearing capacity and high reliability.Fuill hydraulic steering system enabling oonvenient and flexibly operation.


Instrument cluster: Tachometer , hour meter, electric quantity, oil amount and pressure display.


2.Excellent function and wide application

Wde matching scope: the enhanced double-speed shift sleeve power output can adapt to different machines;Meet the need of wide wheelbase operation: the rear wheel is stepless, adjustable up to 1 460 mm;


Create grealer economic benefts for users: the tractor features with rich configuration,high reliability and operation efficiency.


3.Easy and simple use and maintenance

The whole tractor has high reliability and low average failure rate.


External distributor hydr aulic lifting device enables convenient use and maintenance.


Optimized ergonomics design brings you with more comfortable driving experience.


The Strength Group, the parent company of the Landtop brand, is a global leader in intelligent machinery, currently covering textile machinery automation, sanitation and health machinery automation, agricultural machinery automation and other fields. With more than 50 years of industry experience and global leading technology, with "empowering China's intelligent manufacturing as its mission", to discover the harmony between man, nature and machine, and to create a prosperous new era, it is a trustworthy and eternal partner. Our R&D and production of agricultural machinery has leading technology, excellent quality and professional services. Welcome to inquire in detail.


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