The era of smart agriculture is coming, Strength smart agricultural machinery leads the development of agriculture

The era of smart agriculture is coming, Strength smart agricultural machinery leads the development of agriculture


The era of smart agriculture is coming, Strength smart agricultural machinery leads the development of agriculture

The era of smart agriculture is coming, Strength smart agricultural machinery leads the development of agriculture


Speaking of robots, we may think of Transformers in Europe and the United States, and also think of home robots in Japan. With the continuous expansion of the depth and breadth of robot research and exploration, robots have made greater breakthroughs in their application scenarios, smart agriculture It is one of the important areas. Based on the increasing demand in the domestic and foreign markets, the high-end agricultural machinery equipment industry has gradually formed a trend, and the integration of robot elements has added more sense of future and advancement to smart agriculture.


At present, smart agricultural robots mainly solve the problems of reducing labor intensity, labor shortage, productivity and operation quality, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers, so that farmers and agricultural enterprises can achieve hands-free, cost reduction, precise operation management and remote operation, etc. China's agriculture needs From the information age of 3.0 to the intelligent age of 4.0, the application of agricultural robots is particularly urgent and important. In reality, the research and application of intelligent agricultural robots are also restricted to a certain extent, such as the unstructured environment of agriculture and other factors.


Agricultural robot is a kind of flexible automatic or semi-automatic equipment that uses agricultural products as the operating object, has part of human information perception and limb movement functions, and can be reprogrammed.


The vehicle-mounted part of the agricultural machinery autopilot is composed of satellite receiving antenna, vehicle-mounted display, Beidou high-precision vehicle-mounted positioning receiver, hydraulic valve, angle sensor and other parts. The use of the high-precision Beidou positioning system enables the hydraulic valve to control the hydraulic system of the agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery can automatically drive according to the set route and display relevant graphical information on the on-board display. Provide the working area, speed and number of lines through the screen display, and draw a color area coverage map. Through the coverage map, you can easily know which work areas are missing and which are repetitive work areas.


The whole machine is equipped with an engine, a power reversing gearbox, and an electronically controlled suspension system. The information and control system includes Beidou automatic steering system, vehicle control system, radar and visual measurement system, remote video transmission system, monitoring system, and remote control system, etc. .


Realize the automatic path planning and navigation, automatic reversing, automatic braking, automatic control of engine speed, automatic control of agricultural tools, active avoidance of obstacles and remote control of the tractor in the specified area, that is, unmanned driving, and intelligent Information system, through the automatic analysis of tractor operating data, intelligent management, realizes visual management and operation, and improves the tractor’s operating efficiency, operating safety and intelligence.


Landtop agricultural machinery brand

The Landtop agricultural machinery brand under Strength, with the purpose of "solving global agricultural problems and maximizing the value of agricultural production", focuses on providing one-stop solution design, production and distribution for modern agriculture, covering tractors, harvesters, and dryers , Economic crop machinery and other product lines. Focus on building intelligent agricultural equipment, management systems and modern agricultural technical services, and realize precision agriculture through high-tech methods such as automation, intelligence, unmanned, and data informatization, so that agricultural machinery has a stronger configuration, efficient and convenient use experience.


Through the development and production of intelligent agricultural machinery and the provision of production solutions, the unmanned, visualized, and efficient management of farms will be realized. In the future, smart agriculture will be further built, and intelligent systems will be used to collect and analyze farm work data to create high efficiency, low cost, and sustainability. , A more environmentally friendly farm management system to produce safer and healthier crops and change the future of agriculture.


Establish strategic cooperation with YTO, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Lovol, Dongfeng and other top domestic and overseas well-known companies to help farms increase productivity and profitability, reduce labor costs, achieve sustainable development of agricultural production, and solve grain, aging, and Resources and environmental protection issues. Discover the harmony between nature, humans and machines, and help the development of agriculture to realize a prosperous and harmonious human society.


Landtop visual operation technology

We use data informatization and in-depth communication with machinery to collect and analyze work progress, cultivation management and crop information, assist in farm operations, collect and analyze farm information in the cloud, and use robotics and information communication technology to efficiently cultivate crops and carry out farms. Information management and operation promote the realization of intelligent agriculture that super labor saving, high yield, high quality and high efficiency.


The tractor will have its own visual agricultural monitoring system. The system is equipped with visualization, intercom, anti-theft and other functions through 4G network mobile phone card + high-definition camera + strong light searchlight + data terminal system + mobile phone APP, and each device can realize 500 acres of rice fields Fully visualized coverage.


Advantages of visual operation

1. The detailed information of the location of the agricultural machinery can be viewed in real time. The user only needs to enter the number of the agricultural machinery to be queried, and the location of the agricultural machinery can be displayed on the map in a graphical manner in real time.

2. The platform can graphically display the distribution of agricultural machinery in various regions.

3. Click on an area to display the distribution of agricultural machinery in that area on the map.

4. The platform can view the historical trajectory of mechanical operations. By setting the start and end time points, playback speed, etc., reproduce the working process of the machine.

5. The center can issue production operation information to the platform, and can dispatch agricultural vehicles near the operation destination to the designated destination in real time to perform operations, so that all agricultural vehicles can be fully utilized during busy periods.

6. The user can set the area work range of the vehicle on the platform. Once the vehicle exceeds the fence, the platform will trigger an alarm.


Landtop performance advantages


1.New in shape, comfortable in driving


The high-pressure common rail engine has strong power, low fuel consumption and high reliability, with large torque reserve,10% higher than similar products.


The braking and clutch shafts is fitted with high-quality anti-wear and self-lubricating shaft bush to effectively prevent rust, make it smooth and in place. and ensure easier clutch stepping and braking.


2.Excellent performance and high operation efficiency


The whole vehicle adopts waterproof front axle and wire harness, which brings super performance of waterproof  and dust proof, and can be operated both paddy and dry fields.


The transmission system of chassis is optimized to enhance reliability, and the dive half shaft is thickened to increase is beating capacity by 20%; imported combined oil seal of high quality and high grade is fitted in key parts to make the chassis better sealed to completely solve the sealing problems of power output and drive shaft; short braking distance makes operation safe and reliable.


Two sets of hydraulic output is more adaptable, which can meet the requirements of disc harrow,rotary cultivator and other operations.


3.Comfortable driving & easy operation


The high-quality hydraulic steering gear is adopted to make is turning radius only 4.2m, the smallest among similar modes, and the turning is more flexible to reduce the reversal to improve efficiency.


The up-to-date third-generation body with streamlined hood is adopted,which is characterized by large air intake,gootheat dissipation, compact structure and better vision; the model of split type" hood is more artistic, and it can be disassembled and assembled separately for more convenient maintenance.


The cab is humanized designed and can be equipped with high end air conditioner with fast & god refrigeration to effectively improve the diving comfort.


The Strength Group, the parent company of the Landtop brand, is a global leader in intelligent machinery, currently covering textile machinery automation, sanitation and health machinery automation, agricultural machinery automation and other fields. With more than 50 years of industry experience and global leading technology, with "empowering China's intelligent manufacturing as its mission", to discover the harmony between man, nature and machine, and to create a prosperous new era, it is a trustworthy and eternal partner. Our R&D and production of agricultural machinery has leading technology, excellent quality and professional services. Welcome to inquire in detail.