How to solve the global food problem? Strength Intelligent agricultural machinery helps agricultural green and sustainable production

How to solve the global food problem? Strength Intelligent agricultural machinery helps agricultural green and sustainable production


How to solve the global food problem? Strength Intelligent agricultural machinery helps agricultural green and sustainable production

How to solve the global food problem? Strength Intelligent agricultural machinery helps agricultural green and sustainable production


Unless mechanization is highly valued, it will be a mirage to double African agricultural productivity and eliminate hunger and malnutrition by 2025,said Joseph Sacco, the African Unions Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture.


It is worth noting that more than three-quarters of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa use only hand tools to cultivate the land. This practice leads to low productivity, exclusion of youth, and is inconsistent with the continent's goal of zero hunger.


FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo said: "African farmers should be able to use digital and mechanical modern agricultural technology to promote the development of the agricultural sector in a sustainable way."


The AU member states included it in the 10 priorities of their national plans, including the need for a stable supply of machine spare parts and innovative financing mechanisms, as well as the importance of regional cooperation that allows cross-border recruitment services.


The AU pointed out that a successful national mechanization strategy will address key sustainability issues, including gender, youth, environmental protection, and the overall principle that agriculture must be profitable. It also emphasized that these strategies should cover the entire agri-food value chain, including harvesting, handling, processing and food safety, with a view to reducing food losses, promoting rural employment and strengthening the connection between farmers and consumers.


More than 60% of arable land in Asia uses tractors for land preparation, while the corresponding figure in sub-Saharan Africa is about 5%. Many African farmers adopt low-yield technologies and may prefer slash-and-burn methods. Agricultural production efficiency is low and it is difficult to solve the food problem.


Smaller and more affordable machinery, such as two-wheel tractors, is very popular on the African continent using digital technology to provide leasing services. How to use the sharing of capital assets to achieve greater scale and access to modern tools, and how to improve African agriculture Production efficiency and living standards are issues that need to be considered globally.


What is Strength doing?

In view of the current situation of agriculture in Africa, Strength believes that agricultural production in Africa requires the application and promotion of mechanized and intelligent equipment to improve agricultural production efficiency, farm profitability, and achieve sustainable resource utilization, scientific mining, and green production.


African agriculture has great potential for innovation. With the popularization of mobile technology and the acquisition of information and services, the use of information systems to analyze agricultural data and manage farms more efficiently will transform the backward agriculture that relies on natural food and hand-planted into artificial cultivation, Intelligent agriculture with mechanical operation and intelligent management.


The Landtop agricultural machinery brand under Strength, with the purpose of "solving global agricultural problems and maximizing the value of agricultural production", focuses on providing one-stop solution design, production and distribution for modern agriculture, covering tractors, harvesters, and dryers , Economic crop machinery and other product lines. Focus on building intelligent agricultural equipment, management systems and modern agricultural technical services, and realize precision agriculture through high-tech methods such as automation, intelligence, unmanned, and data informatization, so that agricultural machinery has a stronger configuration, efficient and convenient use experience.


Through the development and production of intelligent agricultural machinery and the provision of production solutions, the unmanned, visualized, and efficient management of farms will be realized. In the future, smart agriculture will be further built, and intelligent systems will be used to collect and analyze farm work data to create high efficiency, low cost, and sustainability. , A more environmentally friendly farm management system to produce safer and healthier crops and change the future of agriculture.


Establish strategic cooperation with YTO, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Lovol, Dongfeng and other top domestic and overseas well-known companies to help farms increase productivity and profitability, reduce labor costs, achieve sustainable development of agricultural production, and solve grain, aging, and Resources and environmental protection issues. Discover the harmony between nature, humans and machines, and help the development of agriculture to realize a prosperous and harmonious human society.


Landtop sustainable development

LANDTOP specializes in providing intelligent agricultural machinery and solutions. With the purpose of "sustainable development and environmental protection", it develops and maintains a high-quality living environment, uses artificial intelligence and information communication technology to achieve labor-saving precision agriculture, pursues efficient production, and strives to reduce The environmental burden of agriculture, the recycling of resources, and truly realize the harmonious production of nature and machinery.


Based on the principles of "high performance", "energy saving" and "saving manpower", following the sustainable development strategy of agricultural production, we are committed to achieving precise, efficient, smart agriculture and scientific development that save labor and resources through artificial intelligence and information communication technology. Farmland realizes green production and sustainable use of resources, while paying attention to environmental protection, reducing environmental consumption and burdens, and achieving a harmonious state between nature and machinery.


We aspire to become a benchmark enterprise in the field of smart agricultural machinery and smart agriculture, innovate traditional agricultural production, lead agricultural production to new heights, and strive to achieve global synergy of product standardization, so that products and services can better reflect the value of customers and improve through smart manufacturing Human life.


Landtop performance advantages

1.Powerful & reliable

Brand-name and high-quality four-cylinder engine.

The torque reserve coefficient of the independently operated reinforced double-acting clutch is larger and more reliable.

Gear16F+8R is equipped for the gearbox, which can be switched to the required working speed of various operations with high efficiency.

The transmission gear is made of upgraded material and adopts gear grinding technology, which is more reliable.

The shifting yoke of gearbox is more reliable with longer service life since in block cast is applied.

Comfortable driving & easy operation.

Side control and meshing sleeve shift are applied for easy operation.Full hydraulic steering system enabling convenient and flexibly operation.

The appearance is designed to be streamlined, which is elegant with wider work view.


2.Excellent performance and high operation efficiency

The enhanced two-speed power output can be matched with more machines and tools to meet the needs of various operations.The pusher type lifer with double oil cylinder is adopted for more powerful lifting and better operation.

Two sets of hydraulic output is more adaptable , which can meet the requirements of folding harrow,reversible plow and other operations.


3.Upgraded items of the product


The reverse gear of RC gearbox structure is optimized to the structure of double idler, thus the clash is obviously reduced.


The Strength Group, the parent company of the Landtop brand, is a global leader in intelligent machinery, currently covering textile machinery automation, sanitation and health machinery automation, agricultural machinery automation and other fields. With more than 50 years of industry experience and global leading technology, with "empowering China's intelligent manufacturing as its mission", to discover the harmony between man, nature and machine, and to create a prosperous new era, it is a trustworthy and eternal partner. Our R&D and production of agricultural machinery has leading technology, excellent quality and professional services. Welcome to inquire in detail.