Landtop high efficiency rice transplanter
Landtop high efficiency rice transplanter
Landtop high efficiency rice transplanter
Landtop high efficiency rice transplanter

Item specifics

Seedling throwing

Product review


1.Equipped with hi-power advanced OHV gasoline engine offers efficient, low consumption and powerful operation.

2.Light weighted transplanter (186kg) helps reducing operation force and making it hard to sink in deep and muddy field.

3.Compact rod-type enables easy operation and reduces maintenance cost. It has unique lifting lever helps to regulate machine’s lifting movement.

4.Equipped with unique hydraulic mechanism enabling the floating device to adjust and control level ground clearance.
1.Powerfully robust in wet paddy fields

2.High-mounted engine design

3.Operation can be simplified to such a incredible level.

4.Super Smile Turning

5.Easy operation enables to finish work quickly

6.To keep beautiful planting position
1.Power boost
Originally used Japanese original 21.9 horsepower (16.1kW) diesel engine.
It can fight against muddy foot deep, wet and rotten fields.

2.Effective and reliable
The product of the 8-row high-speed machine series is adopted, and the body description is explained.
The length of the body is increased to 3235mm, and the wheelbase is increased to 1200mm, and the driving is slower.

3.Download the amount of seedlings
The length of the rear pedal is extended to 2100mm, which can carry more seedlings (150-220 trays), reducing the number of adding seedlings and improving work efficiency.

4.Energy-saving stop and start (E-STOP)
It can be stopped or restarted by operating the handle (you need to step on the brake when starting), reducing unnecessary idling, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

5.Anti-poor rod
By operating the handle, the bubbles can be increased by more than 1.4 times.
When entering and exiting ridges and mud-foot deep fields, improve sex

6.One machine for multiple uses
Practical design concept, can be equipped with side-depth fertilizer applicator, herbicide applicator, leveling roller, straight-line assist system (GS), etc., to realize the multi-purpose of direct seedling transplanting.